The story on how this coupon organizer was created!! In 1985

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

My mother clipped all coupons even if she use the product or not. Dad always thought it was a waist of time."That you don't save that much using coupons".
She kept her coupons in was this plastic organizer that was bulging at the seams. She always said she needed to get another one before it exploded and coupons went all over.

 One day we were on our way in to the store to do some grocery shopping. She took out her organizer to start looking at the coupons that she had just clipped before we left to the store, and it happen!! Her plastic coupon organizer just fell apart. Holding it with both hands looking at me and not knowing what to do. She looked down at my shoes and told me to take off my shoe lace ( she needed both of them). After she tied  my shoe laces around the fallen apart organizer she sat it in  the seat part of the shopping cart, bent over to pick up the coupons that had fallen on the ground went to put them back in and found that the organizer was hanging from the shoe strings on the cart. Giving my mom and idea for a coupon organizer and me going through the store wearing no shoestrings in my shoes clip clapping around.

When we got home she had asked my dad for a little money so she could go get some fabric. My dad told her that we didn't have the money this week that she would have to wait for next week.
My mom was a little upset with my dad because she wanted to get started on her new idea that she had for a coupon organizer. Well after he went to work that day. She stood up from the table looked at me and said "I'll fix him". She went into there closet and took out his favorite shirt. Looked at me and said I think this  patten on this shirt looks nice don't you sis. I said yes why?  She said you'll see. She went in the room that her sewing machine was in came out a little while later and said there! How do you like my new coupon organizer? It will fit all my coupons plus. And it will attach to the cart so I won't drop it anymore and have them go all over. I told her it was a great idea,but don't you think dad is going to get mad you taking his favorite shirt and cutting it all up?  Probably she said.That's what he gets for not giving me a couple of dollars to go get some fabric.

A week later went by and my mom had to go grocery shopping again.This week was double coupon week. She wanted my dad to go with her this time to show him what kind of savings using coupons did. Dad went to get ready to go and was looking for his favorite shirt. He asked my mom were it could be, if it was in the laundry or in the repair bend to get a button sew on or what. She told him she didn't know were it was knowing perfectly well what had happen to it.
Getting ready to leave out the door she picks up here new coupon holder and my dad sees it. He points at it and says "that looks familiar". He didn't realize it at first until he was driving down the road. He looks at it again and said to my mom. You didn't did you! She started to laugh and said well you wouldn't give me the money to go get fabric so I did what I had to do.
 All the way through the store my dad mumbling and pouting. knowing his favorite shirt was gone.  They got to the check out the cashier rang all the grocery's up and told them the total. My dad about fell on the ground. $130.00!! My mom told the cashier OH I forgot to give you these(smiling at my dad). The cashier took off the coupons on the total and told her now it's $45.00. Well my dad just hung is head knowing my mom was right clipping coupons does help out.

Walking in the house from the store my mom's got a smile on her face and I asked her what happen. She told me that dad was a little upset at first about his shirt, but he's alright with it now. Dad comes in and looks at me and says with excitement mom saved a lot of money using coupons! Leans over and whispers to me... when mom wants money to get fabric I'll give it to her. I don't want to lose another shirt.

Dad learned two lessons that week. 1. Not to tell my mom no when it comes to wanting money for fabric and 2.Clipping coupons is not a waist of time. Since that day every time he came across a coupon he saved it and gave it to my mom!

Coupon Organizer Giveaway

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I have been very busy sewing sense before Christmas. I had the opportunity to do a coupon organizer giveaway in January. Jessicia wrote a really cool review, for the giveaway people had to comment and tell there story of likes and dislike of grocery shopping. Way funny stories!!
Thanks Jessicia!

My sales have been great on Etsy.  Thank you everyone for your support!

I have been wanting to make other things, but haven't had the chance. So many ideas not enough hours in the day.

Still sewing,
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